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My goal with this website is to create a place that musicians and teachers can go to get resources they need to properly learn or teach music. Whether it is used by musicians at home, in the classroom, or by private teachers, my goal is to provide as much quality music learning materials as possible. It's tough finding the right song at the proper level. The majority of musicians play for fun, and aren't as advanced as you might think. I'm trying to provide songs that you are wanting to learn at multiple levels, so you'll be able to learn it whether you are very advanced or have no idea how to read music at all. I'll provide as many tutorial videos and printable music, as well as audios, and music lessons.

With Magic Music Tutor, I'm aiming to list everything free of charge. There won't be any charge for printing the materials or requesting any music. Feel free to print the materials off the site as many times as you need, for yourself, for the class, for a friend!

I also take requests! If you are wanting a specific song to be transcribed or formatted that is not on the site already or if you are wanting a different version or difficulty level of a song we already offer, feel free to E-mail me (admin) directly, and I'll see what I can do! This site runs all off of requests. Most requests are from regular people sending in requests for songs they want or need, whether it's materials for the classroom, for the local children's choir, simple music a mom wants to play for her baby, or funky Boomwhacker music. I also take requests for tutorial videos as well. If you are wanting to learn something specific on the keyboard, maybe about some specific chords or a tune, maybe something that could be taught in one of my free piano lesson videos, feel free to send me your request!

Remember, learning music is not about perfection, it's about the personality we put behind it. You can make a one-note-at-a-time tune sound like magic if you just put a little soul behind it. So have fun learning the music, and don't be afraid to play what you've learned for other people! They'll enjoy it just as much.

Have Fun!


SEARCHING SHEET MUSIC or PDFs (worksheets, etc.):
If you are after something specific, the easiest way to find it is just do a search in our search bar on the top-right column of the site. Simply search for a song title. In general, the music is generally staff notation music (piano or other instrument) unless otherwise specified. If you are looking for guitar TAB or other stringed instrument TAB, do a search for the title of the song you are looking for as well as the word "TAB." [Example: Axel F TAB] Otherwise, just search the song title for regular music notation songs. If you are doing a search for theory worksheets, you can also do a simple search for "note values" etc., and you will come up with a list of all of the pdfs or worksheets about note values.

Each tutorial video will run through slowly at first and then repeat at a faster speed. There is a time stamp at the start of each video letting you know when the faster speed run-through will play, so you can jump to that in the video if you so wish. Below each video will be posted the sheet music or tab music for the song exactly as it is in the video.

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